updated 12 May, 2008

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"Studio 4d1 is a extremely talented character design and animation studio.  Chad Lee, the owner has worked for me on high profile films and campaigns and has always exceeded my expectations.  They work fast, professionally and within the budget.  Their ability to take on any size project, whether it's a print campaign or an animation project, is evidence of their flexibility and work ethic.  I highly recommend them for any project that requires creativity and a unique style."

Brent Watts
Owner, Axiom Design
Welcome to Studio 4d1.

Character Design is what we love to do. 3d art is only limited by one’s imagination and creating memorable characters that provoke a reaction is our specialty. Projects that allow for stylized characters and sets is what we crave...if you want photo-realistic images, we’re not your studio. But if you want a character, logo or design that is funky which people will remember, then you’ve come to the right place.

Starting out in the video game industry, we’ve since worked for advertising agencies, television studios, film studios and software development companies such as, Axiom Design, Avalanche Software (now owned by Disney), Acclaim NY, Brookline Technologies and Sculptured Software. We’ve also been a contract studio for such companies as Mattel, Origin Studios, UCE and Spirit West Studios to name a few.
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